5 pack/Regalos y Colección de expresiones artísticas venezolanas/cajas trenzadas Warao

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Enjoy an exclusive assortment of fine varietals contained in theses baskets of bora palm typical of the Orinoco Delta. An exquisite selection of fine Trinitario type varietals made with Sur del Lago (aromas and flavors of dried fruit, almonds and honey), Rio Caribe (aromas and flavors of berries, spices and raisins) and Carenero (aromas and flavors of sweet spices like cinnamon, clove and nutmeg).

Bora Palm Basket – Orinoco Delta

Author: Indigenous Warao Artisans, Tierra Viva Foundation

Assortment of Fine Trinitario type Varietals: Sur del Lago, Rio Caribe and Carenero

60% Concentration (without blends or additives)

Content: 12 pieces, 4g each

Total Grams: 48g

Dimensions: 13 x 11x 6cm